“The magic that turns dreams into reality resides in the actions you take.”

– Kofi Douhadji

Big publishing companies don’t want to work with first-time authors.

You have no previous books to your name.
You don’t have a community of readers.
You’re not represented by an agent.

Sounds familiar?

The bigger problem is even though your book idea is great…
In your mind, it might even be ready for prime time soon.
You don’t know the first thing about publishing a book.

How do you write a “worthy” manuscript?
What does the publishing process look like?
And what happens after your book is on the shelves?

Is there an ideal way to publish your first book?

To get the guidance you need to finally publish.
To have a publishing team that believes in “you”.
To value your own story and share it with the world.

As a first-time author…

You want to “get it right”.
And you want to do it yourself.
You want your book. On. The. Shelves.

Read until here? Good.

My name is Kofi. And I help aspiring authors publish their first book.

Do YOU have a burning desire to publish your book?

Book a 1:1 clarity call with me here: https://calendly.com/kofidc/clarity

Let’s get your work on the shelves.

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Let's Unlock Your Potential
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American entrepreneur, Author & Executive Coach, Kofi creates a safe space for leaders to be vulnerable, get out of their own way and gain clarity on next steps to take.

Experienced in business coaching since

My Philosophy

The pain you survive today becomes your strength tomorrow.





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