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Ready to Publish Your First Book?

Working on your first manuscript? Starting fresh with a book idea?
I help you publish your book in just 6 months. From the initial idea to ISBN,
I will be the centralized hub for your book publishing process.

Unbroken Optimist

Readers have described Unbroken Optimist as a life-changing experience filled with courage, persistence, and a philosophy that inspires lasting change. Many raved about this memoir, calling it a timeless classic and a blueprint for living a fulfilled life. It’s a captivating narrative that not only motivates but also invites you to see yourself within its pages.

Kofi’s message of optimism and love will illuminate your path, making “Unbroken Optimist” a must-read for anyone seeking to live their best life. Join the countless readers who couldn’t put this book down and experience a transformation in their perspective. “Unbroken Optimist” is not just a story; it’s an invitation to embrace hope, perseverance, and the limitless potential within you.

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Who am I?

Serial Entrpreneur & Coach.

Author of “Unbroken Optimist”

Hey! Kofi here… I appreciate your visit. Here’s a bit about me and why I’m dedicated to providing self-publishing solutions.

Over the course of my life, I’ve worn many hats – from Civil Engineering to serving as an Intelligence Officer and even delving into the world of Executive Coaching. I’ve also embraced entrepreneurship along the way. However, what truly defines me is my unwavering belief in the transformative power of books.

My Process

From Idea to ISBN

“In this insightful journey, I take you through the step-by-step process of birthing an idea and nurturing it into a published book with its own ISBN.

Discovery & Scope

A 45-minute conversation to learn about the idea, message, and purpose of your book.


Comprehensive analysis of your book idea to craft a mission-driven Book Summary.


Crafting a structured content outline to streamline your writing process or consider hiring a Ghostwriter.

Review & Edit

Upon completion, the book will go to you for review. We’ll address any questions and concerns and then move forward with editing.

Publish & Print

We assign ISBNs to your paperback and ebook, register them to you or your business, convert the file for e-readers, and prepare for printing in 4-6 weeks.


Simple Steps to Success

Discover &

Initial contact for deeper understanding of your message, vision, mission and goals.



Support and

Process Tailored To
your Needs


Periodic Workshops



Publishing Process

During this phase we transform your manuscript into a finished and ready-to-be-published book.


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