Unbroken Optimist

I coach junior leaders to grow their confidence and resilience to lead with empathy and rise toward greater career heights.

Meet Kofi Douhadji

American entrepreneur, Author & Executive Coach, Kofi creates a safe space for leaders to be vulnerable, get out of their own way and gain clarity on next steps to take.

Unbroken Optimist

Have you ever longed for a life of meaning? This was the dream of Kofi Douhadji, a boy born into scarcity in Togo, West Africa. Surrounded by less than ideal circumstances, he believed from a young age that if he remained diligent, he could achieve his goals.

Several years later, Kofi began living the purpose-driven life of his ambitions, and hopes to inspire others to do the same. From the small town of Afagnan to the sprawling country of the United States, Kofi relates his journey of both success and failure as he unveils his philosophy as an Unbroken Optimist. The key to his persistence through all of life’s challenges.

Unbroken Optimist - A Memoir - Kofi Douhadji
My approach

Craft A Life You Love

Know Yourself

Self-knowledge is not an innate ability we are born with; it is something you must be intentional about.

Build a Support System

No matter how strong, smart, wealthy, or independent you are, you cannot handle everything on your own.

Practice Thankfulness

Nothing battles wallowing in self-pity like thankfulness does; it’s a powerful thing.

Take Action

The most beautiful plan in the world without action takes you nowhere. The magic that turns dreams into reality resides in the actions you take.

Increase Resiliency

Build up your pain tolerance and hardiness of spirit, the stout internal force that you can use to get through mentally or physically challenging times.

Embrace Change & Failure

It is okay to fail sometimes, as long as you get back up and learn from it. Change is okay, too.

Create Awareness

It is key that you know where you are, where you are going, and how you will tell when you reach your destination.

Walk The Talk

The magic that turns dreams into reality resides in the actions you take.

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Not being affiliated with your organization enables me to bring in a fresh perspective and motivation to reinvigorate your staff. Inspiring them to push both their personal life and the business to new heights and conquer new goals.


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